• Aerial Perspective

    MaddPhoto is your ultimate total solution provider when it comes to capturing unforgettable moments and creating immersive experiences. With a fleet of diverse drones, we specialize in filming a wide range of events, from breathtaking aerial perspectives of your special occasions to dynamic action shots.

  • 3D Tours and Imaging

    In addition, we're masters at crafting captivating 3D tours that showcase real estate in a whole new light. 360 virtual home tours enhance the buying process by providing a more comprehensive, convenient, and engaging way for potential buyers to assess properties, ultimately leading to more informed and confident purchasing decisions

  • 100% In House Production and Editing

    What sets us apart is our commitment to excellence throughout the entire process; from capturing the footage to editing and post-production, everything is meticulously handled in-house. We take pride in delivering exceptional results that exceed your expectations, making us your trusted partner for all your visual storytelling needs.

  • No Limits

    At MaddPhoto, we're always up for a creative challenge. Our passion for capturing the perfect shot knows no bounds, and we're willing to go to great heights, quite literally, to get you the shot you desire. Whether it's an unconventional angle, a challenging location, or a unique vision you have in mind, our experienced team is ready to push the limits of drone technology to bring your vision to life. Your imagination is our inspiration, and we're committed to exceeding your expectations with every flight.

    And we don't stop there, combine our FPV drone fly through with a 3D tour and you can take your Real Estate listing to the next level. Set your home apart from others, allowing potential buyers to tour the home anytime, with an emersive experience that far exceeds traditional photographs.

  • About MaddPhoto

    Owned and operated by Curt Maddox


    USMC veteran

    Part 107 sUAS(drone) Licensed  

    Commercial Airplane Pilot Rated

    8+ years experience with Drones and Photography/Videography

    10+ years experience with post production and editing


    I love capturing unique perspectives that only drones can provide. Pushing the limits of technology and my own flying skills is what keeps me motivated to create stunning images for you and your business.


    Located in Provo, servicing Utah and surrounding states.

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